Hi all.

Welcome to my humble blog!


This isn’t my first blog. I have two older blogs on Blogger, one personal and the other a joint blog run by me and my small group of close friends.

However, yes, this is my first blog on WordPress. So… please excuse my noobishness as I learn to work around the user interface to create a nicer-looking blog.

Why the sudden switch to WordPress?
Well, I thought the wider array of customization options would really help my blog look classier. Which is always a good thing.

Anyway, without further ado, let me introduce myself…

My name is… uhh.. gosh, which name should I use? Alright, it’s Skolastika Auberta, and that’s not even the name I normally go by in real life. It’s… my pseudonym. I’m gonna go by it as a professional one day and I might as well make myself get used to it from now.

“Auberta” is part of my real name that’s on my birth certificate. “Skolastika”, I got that from the Confirmation sacrament when I was like, fourteen, so it’s not part of my “official” name.

Also, Auberta is NOT my surname. I don’t have one. At all. Neither do my parents, nor my sister, nor my cousins, nor my grandparents and pretty much most Javanese people.

Yeah, I’m Indonesian. I was born and raised mostly around Jakarta, its capital city (including its surrounding cities). I’m also part of the Javanese ethnic group. We’re the majority ethnic group and sometimes I’m grateful for it, but other times, it feels weird because in most other aspects, I’m in the minority.

I’m officially a Roman Catholic, but it’s ehh… mostly Roman Catholic in name only. Ever since I entered high school, a continuously growing streak of skepticism has taken root within me. I don’t know how long I’ll remain a “real” Catholic.

I’m currently in the last year in high school, so yeah, I’m 17 years old.
(Just FYI, 17 is legal here. I just got my ID card last week XD)

My school is a damn stressful but pretty awesome all-girls school. It gives me so much grief, but I enjoy being there. I have a small group of close friends that are very supportive and yet willing to call me out on my bullshit, as well as a rather wide net of schoolmates with minimum amount of backstabbing (because there aren’t guys to fight over here!! haha). Let’s just say they help me get through everyday life at school.

You can consider me a Star Wars fangirl, though I have to say my passion for it has slightly waned due to various reasons, or at least… shifted in its focus. I’m gonna elaborate in one of the next posts.

I also love A Song of Ice and Fire (proud booksnob here!), Penny Dreadful, The Dresden Files, Fate/Zero, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood & Manga, and some other obscure(r) fandoms. I also enjoy watching historical costume drama, such as The Tudors, Borgia, The Borgias, and Versailles.

I’m an aspiring illustrator and creator/writer. I’m planning to go to an art college in Malaysia after I finish high school. I draw mostly people, but I still struggle with proper anatomy and proportions and I probably should start learning how to panel and draw a background properly.

You can find my artwork on Instagram: @skolastika_detya

It’s still mostly Star Wars, but my focus has shifted to a different corner of the galaxy. Sorta. It’s still Star Wars Legends (DUH), but no longer my little comfort corner (aka the Reavesverse – THANKS, Bohnhoff!)

Oh and, this blog is mainly created for a school assignment.
Yes, that’s right. A school assignment.

What Roy feels in this gif is how I feel when I get a shiny brand new school assignment


Soooo…. yeah, my IT teacher gave me an assignment, which is to, guess what… run a blog… For a few months. THIS IS MY LAST YEAR IN HIGHSCHOOL, YEAHHH! Gonna go to college next year, people!!

Oh well. At least I have some experience running a blog. Piece of cake, right? wrong
Yeah, like I have enough time to properly run a blog with all the other school assignments and math and physics homework…



By the way, if you’re interested in my other blogs, check this one out: Curious Cats Studios! As I’ve written before, I have a small group of close friends at school, and the five of them are all there. XD
Expect randomness, cats (we love cats, duh! Well, most of us), and some random science tidbits because most of us are science enthusiasts (except maybe one).

My old blog is here

I guess that’s all from me for now. Stay around, folks!

~Covert Knight



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