The Skwad (AKA The Hormones)

As I’ve written in my previous post, I have a small, tight-knit group of friends consisting of five awesome girls. We’re a group of six including myself. We call ourselves “The Hormones”.

Each of us is represented by a horpom (hormone + pom). Horpoms started out as little pom-pom balls of wool as some sort of friendship token, though sadly some of us have lost our horpom (myself included). Yep, that’s all six of us in horpoms form above. I’m the green one that’s fallen asleep at the bottom.

Why “Hormones”? Because we’re all science geeks. Well, most of us. I’m just a science enthusiast and one of us isn’t very enthusiastic about science, though we’re all in science program right now in high school.

Okay, I’ve introduced myself, so… I guess it’s the “Captain’s” turn. (?) She’s represented by the white horpom.

As a group, we actually don’t have a de facto leader. We really don’t. We call her “Captain” not because she’s the leader of the group, but simply because uh, her parallel in fiction is the leader of the unit (my parallel is the vice captain).

Since I can’t mention her name, I’ll just refer to her by her pseudonym, Serra Castorsmith. Her hormone name is Serotonin.

She’s called Serotonin because she’s such a light sleeper and has some insomnia tendencies. Also, it’s because she’s the most alert one out of all of us. I fall asleep a lot. She never falls asleep in class.

She’s diligent and nerdy, loves science (especially chemistry), and LOVES cats. She’s probably gonna end up taking either biotech or chem tech in college. Serra also loves mystery-murder tales, especially Detective Conan and Sherlock Holmes. She’s got a fairly morbid sense of humor, like most of the group. We’d occasionally joke around about poisons and assassination methods.

One thing for sure, though, don’t, I mean DON’T talk about racy stuff around her. She’s… uh… she’s quite sex-repulsed and… probably asexual (and perhaps aromantic as well) for all I know.

I’m the one with the filthiest mind in the group, so I try to downplay the ahem jokes while she’s around. Not that I have much success in the attempt, mind you…

Check out her personal blog here.

The second one is R&S|!M.

Don’t ask me why she used that as her pseudonym. Let’s just call her Cortisol. She’s represented by the two-color horpom.

Why Cortisol? Because she’s the one that’s almost always so gloomy and seemingly filled with so much burden in her head. You won’t see her smile a lot unless a kitty (or some sugoi science stuff) is within the vicinity. Also, she doesn’t like socializing that much (well, none of us are really all that sociable, actually – we’re nerds who like time alone a lot).

She’s the programmer in the team, though she’s pretty good at art too (she’s one of the four artists in the group including myself), as evidenced by the cute-as-hell horpoms illustration she made (I can’t draw cute stuff). As of now, she’s trying to learn how to properly use that visual novel engine, Renpy, so we could make a visual novel game of our own and put it online. She also likes to play some computer games, so I’d consider her a casual gamer.

Like Serra, she also loves science. She may *seem* lazy, but damn is she hardworking. She’s also quite the genius, except in sports. She’s ranked 3rd in class (I’m probably 2nd last – HAHAHA).

Her blog is here.

The third one is Grace, aka Noradrenaline, represented by the blue horpom with glasses and a  flat-expression (hehe).

Okay, she may seem distant and uhh.. lacking in empathy or insensitive at first, but I assure you, she’s a decent person. And quite tolerant too (unlike the one that claimed to be an “empath” – oh LOL).

She’s an excellent pianist. Sometimes I envy her passion for it (I used to play the piano too, but I lost interest). She can spend 4 or more hours just playing the piano if there weren’t homework lying around.

She’s another one of the four artists in the group. Similar to Cortisol, she draws mostly cute stuff and cute (really cute) doodles.

What I like the most about her, though, is that she can utter a simple phrase to call you out on your bullshit, with neither spite nor sympathy, and yet hit hard. XD I’ve grown used to her nonchalance. After all, she tolerates my insanity. I gotta tolerate her too. Equivalent Exchange.

Here‘s her blog.

The fourth one is Celeste, aka Adrenaline, represented by the cute, excitable red horpom.

Why Adrenaline? Because she’s the most excitable (and neurotic) one in the group. She’s VERY excitable. And very easily panics.

Celeste, basically…

Also, she’s quite the cinnamon roll (ignoring some of her morbid jokes). She’s really nice and kind and very supportive. She also apologizes a lot for little reasons.

Sometimes I think of her as the fragile one in the group due to her thin frame, but…yeah, I’m twice as “fragile” (naah, more like – volatile) as she is. I still feel protective over her anyway, heh, even though she’s actually tougher than she looks. She can appear to be really shy and quiet, but once you know her, she’s quite the talker. We’re similar in that aspect, so we get along really well despite our fandom differences (hehe).

Oh and, she loves Finland from APH.

Go on, badger her about it. Hehe.

Her blog is here.

The last but not least is Octavia, aka Oxytocin, represented by the happy yellow horpom.

Oxytocin is the bonding hormone. We assigned that hormone to her because she’s the one that smiles the most in the group. She looks so innocent when she smiles. Sorta. You can quite easily see her big smile as a yandere smile (hehehee, don’t kill me, Octavia!). There’s a running joke in the group that she and Celeste are yanderes because they look *so* innocent – *too* innocent – that they could become a yandere with ease.

Just give them a scissor and you’ll see the yandere side. Hehe.


Octavia loves cats and fishies. She’s another one of the four artists in the group. Like the other two, she’s also an adept at drawing cute things and adorable doodles (unlike me). She can make rotavirus look so adorable you almost wanna have it (you don’t).

Sadly I can’t seem to find a link to her blog, but I’ll update this post when I find it.

Also, she posts some of her cute doodles from time-to-time on our joint blog: Curious Cats Studios. Be sure to check them out!

Okay, Covert Knight out.

~Covert Knight


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