Watercolor Painting – Pseudo Winterfell and “Lyanna”

Man, I can’t believe this masterpiece of mine is almost three years old!

Yes, I painted this when I was in the 9th Grade back in Junior High.

I wish I could still paint like this…


Source material-wise, the painting above is wildly inaccurate. So sorry, GRRM!

It’s supposed to be a weirwood tree set in Winterfell. That lady by the pond is supposed to be Lyanna Stark. I got inspired by Tommy Patterson’s illustration of Ned Stark polishing his sword by a weirwood tree, in the ASoIaF graphic novels, except I changed Ned to Lyanna and butchered the entire Winterfell feel. XP

Dunno if this counts as a fan art, or just an ASoIaF-inspired art (’cause if it’s a fan art, I think I kinda failed)

I gave the original painting to my art teacher at school as some sort of a parting gift. He’s helped me a lot, even if he’s only taught me for a year.


Okay, that’s all from me for now.

Cov out


~Covert Knight

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