Digital Artwork Progression

As I’ve promised before, I’m gonna show my digital art progression ever since I’ve obtained a Wacom Intuos drawing tablet.

There will be two categories, pure digital art and uh, scanned and colored digital art.
I used Adobe Photoshop for all of them.

Category 1: Pure digital art

#3 waifu. Yes, I have waifus too, not just husbandos

Sooo… for my first attempt at using a drawing tablet, I doodled Laranth Tarak, one of my precious waifus favorite female characters.
Yeah, I didn’t exactly have much control back then. Thus, I decided to try out a new technique.

There. Much better, right? Hehe.
I used some tutorials on this one and have gained a better control over my stylus (which I named Dark Sister, blame ASOIAF).

Inspired by PSUMB’s Capriccio Espagnol color guard costume – they were sooo pretty!

Category 2: Scanned and colored

When I first started out, I was sooo afraid of shading. I was afraid of making the characters look too old or too ugly or too… weird. And thus I used waaaaayyyy too much blur on the shading and here is the funny result:

Not muh waifu, but I hope she’ll be good enough to be someone else’s waifu in the future, hehe…

Ah yess… poor Vrisca Dira. She’s one of my main OCs (will be featuring in a Mary-Sue parody fanfic I’ll soon publish if you’re interested!).
Look at the blur overuse. Soooo apparent, riiiight??
Add a few months, and I’ve gotten some guts, better control, and yeah, generally better instincts. I realized I was wrong to abuse the blur tool. I *tried* not to overuse it this time, though, not with much success. I used tutorials and tried out new techniques. I also spent uh, a much, much longer time working on this.

I’m quite happy with how this one turned out, though. Finally, I could get my waifu favorite female character right!

#1 waifu. I have my reasons

I titled this “General Surik”, because when I drew this, I had a Mandalorian Wars-era Meetra in mind.
I’m gonna redraw her again in a more badass pose next time. I hope. Well, at least there’s that mock cover, riiight?
Uh yeah, you’re gonna have to wait until I finish the National Exams for that one.


Oookay, that’s all for now.
See y’all later! Back to bio, chem, physics, and math.

This is my last year at school. I’ll be entering an art college afterwards, so… yeah, I’m likely gonna post more and more artwork after I graduate.

Wish me luck!

Cov out


~Covert Knight


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