I fell off my motorcycle again…

…and did not walk away unscathed this time.

-warning: this post will be nothing more than me lamenting over my most recent epic misfortune –

Yeah, I’ve fallen off my motorcycle not once, but twice.

Last time, the road was really slippery and I pulled the brakes at the wrongest time ever. This time, I fell off…

For a really, really dumb reason.



Yes, one crawled over the visor of my helmet and landed over my eyes. I was on fairly high speed at the moment. Luckily, the road was rather deserted so I didn’t hit another motorcycle or crash into a car (and perhaps break my neck or lose my life lol).

I hit the brakes.

Sadly for me, the road was slippery after rain, so I lost my balance and fell on the ground next to my motorcycle.

Last time, I was quick enough to jump off my motorcycle and then walk away unscathed.

This time, however my instincts did not react fast enough. I was too distracted by that damn cockroach blocking my vision. And thus, I ended up falling on my right hand and sprained my wrist.

Guess what’s worse?

It’s in the middle of the SEMESTER FINALS WEEK. And the next day’s test was MATHS.


Just my luck, right?

In the end, I lost motivation to continue studying maths at home (I somehow still managed to ride safely home lol) and I DIDN’T PASS HAHAHAHA.


Nice job, cockroach…

Oh well, just my luck, right?

Move along, move along. You still passed Biology and English and still gleefully studied chemistry!

It’s just my wrist and a bruise on my knee. My neck is still thankfully very much in place. Next time, I really oughta be more careful.


Cov out.

~Covert Knight


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