I fell off my motorcycle again…

...and did not walk away unscathed this time.


New Blogging Assignment!

So... Yeah, my IT teacher gave us another blogging assignment. This time, the "challenge" is to write at least four new blog post carrying themes in accordance to my school's five Core Values: Ketangguhan/tenacity/perseverance Kemandirian/independence Kejujuran/Honesty Kepedulian/awareness Etika/Etiquette You can do all or choose just some or even one, I suppose. Me? I'm gonna write … Continue reading New Blogging Assignment!

A Little Super-Angsty (trashy) JaxLaranth Fic

A/N: I am not sorry. I had to. He may have married another woman, but his heart stayed with her regardless. His wife, he never truly loved. Never as much as he loved her – not even close. Even as she bore him a healthy, beautiful son, deep down his heart still belonged to her, his first love. He … Continue reading A Little Super-Angsty (trashy) JaxLaranth Fic

The Pain of being a KOTOR II Fan

You know, it really, really sucks when you're a Star Wars fan like me. You can't stand the new canon created by Disney, but you can't stand SWTOR either, which is often considered "the last bastion" of the old Star Wars Expanded Universe  (now referred to as Legends). Some things can turn me against other … Continue reading The Pain of being a KOTOR II Fan